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Work in construction is one of the main causes of occupational cancer and lung disease.

The Institute of Occupational (IOM) in Singapore was commissioned by the Workplace Safety and Health Institute (WSHI) to undertake an assessment of the number of cases of occupational cancer and non-malignant respiratory disease that may be caused by working in the construction sector in Singapore.

The Principal Investigator for this work was Professor John Cherrie of the IOM. The main work of the project was completed in 2016 and a report submitted to the Workplace Safety and Health Institute (WSHI). Further information on the results of the study are contained in the presentation made at the Workplace Safety and Health conference, held in Singapore, August 2016, summarised in this presentation.

The results from the study will be published in the scientific literature in due course. Further information about the project can also be obtained from Professor John Cherrie, email john.cherrie@iom-world.org. Further information about IOM’s research activities and capabilities is available from http://www.iom-world.org/research.

Whilst no longer routinely updated after project completion, this site provides information on many aspects of the project undertaken for WSHI:

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